In our concept and design phase, we begin by meeting with the client and asking all questions pertaining to the project. Getting all of the necessary information is critical for the concept and design phase. Example: All specification sheets for audio and video components that will be housed in a wall unit it a most to assure that all components with fit and work properly. All specification sheets on appliances that will be included in a kitchen need to be present to even start the layout of the floor plan.

Most of our clients are unfamiliar with 2D shop drawings. Therefore, it may be difficult for a client to visualize what the end product will look like after fabrication. To aid a client visualizing a kitchen or wall unit, we provide a 3D hand sketch that shows the client what the end product would look like after installation. These hand sketches are for presentation only, and are not to be handed to a shop to build from.

EC&D has the latest technology in CAD software. We can now offer our clients the option of a CAD drawing with a hand-sketch appearance. "Can you imagine a computer CAD drawing that looks like it has been hand drawn on a drafting table?" We have the capability to transform a CAD drawing into a design presentation that looks like it has been drawn by hand. This is great for clients that enjoy the soft touch of a hand drawing complimented with the accuracy of Auto CAD software. Visit our gallery section to preview our CAD drawing vs. Hand-Sketch CAD drawings.

Cabinet shops, Architectural firms, Interior Designers, and Contractors often find it hard to run across a good set of shop drawings including all details that will go into building whatever is it that is drawn for fabrication. Usually they receive drawings that are not labeled correctly, not to scale, and only look good because they are on paper. All shop drawings provided by Engineered Concepts & Designs, Inc. will include all of those details. Every moulding, appliqué, and wood carving that are fabricated in-house or ordered from an out source are labeled so that there are no questions when it comes time to start fabrication. Details are shown at larger scale and some at full scale so the shop knows exactly what mouldings and pieces to order. Shop drawings are the most important tool in the cabinet industry. Example: If you didn't have a good map in the glove compartment of your car, you'd spend a lot of time and money trying to get where you want to go. With a good map you have a pleasant ride. With a good shop drawing you have a project that is cost effective, time manageable, exciting, and last but most important, establishes a happy clientele.

In today's busy world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish everything on your own. Engineered Concepts and Designs, Inc. has taken into consideration that making presentations to your clients will help in the design and draw process. So, anytime we can help out in the presentation of a project to your client we would be more than happy to assist.

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