Engineered Concepts & Designs, Inc. charges on a per job basis. That means we will set up a meeting with our client to go over an entire project, whether it's a single residential home or an entire commercial building. At that time we will process all information and come up with an overall price for that job. By giving the client a solid price, we can determine if we are within budget.

We also have provided a free revision chart that are on all contracts. This allows the clients to make minor revisions to shop drawing without up-charges. The free revisions are basis on a chart that have different hourly categories. These hourly revisions are based on the liner footage of cabinetry that is in a particular shop drawing. The chart is as follows:

0-5 liner feet of cabinetry in drawing
= .5 hrs revision included
6-20 liner feet of cabinetry in drawing
= 1 hrs revision included
21-45 liner feet of cabinetry in drawing
= 2 hrs revision included
46+ liner feet of cabinetry in drawing
= 3 hrs revision included

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